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1-1 Coaching

  • Programs of 6 months or 9 months to ensure supportive change. 

  • Programs include 3 sessions per month.

       (2 individual sessions and 1 group session)

  • Single consulting sessions available

  • Stress, Anxiety, Health Challenges, & General Life Coaching

  • Coaching Support for Neuroplasticity Programs and Mind/Body Programs 

  • Programs include email support and follow up session audios

  • Feeling more a group vibe?Check out the rolling enrollment Monthly Transformation&Healing Subscription Group 

  • Services offered in both English and Spanish/los servicios se ofrecen en inglés y español

  • Sessions available via Phone, Zoom, Skype and What's App calls


  • Group program includes 2 sessions per month.

  • Facebook group 

  • Stress, Anxiety, Health Challenges, & General Life topics and discussion


I share my journey and process  to help others with their own unique life journey. I also do advocacy speaking.


Check back here for Workshop listings!

Available for Independent Contracting and Meditation Classes

Workshop Participant Feedback:

Laura is an amazing coach and facilitator when we did the mindfulness and health coaching part of the workshop she brought us through a variety of mindfulness practices, tools, and exercises and broke it down in such a way of that it was simple and easy to do. She gave a lot of great and unique ideas to add to our morning routines and loved how knowledgeable she was about nutrition and the sample recipes she gave. She really made it simple for us and I’m excited to try out the 3-day reset!


Sometimes people are looking for advice on what avenues they should be exploring, where they might be stuck, or how to find the best doctor or practitioner to deal with their health picture. I gladly help with discovering resources available or suggestions for avenues they might not have explored yet. This is great for people who are solid with their path but just at a stuck point in their journey. I also offer help with "Navigating the Medical System" as it is so easy to get lost in today's medical world.

I came to Laura in a physical and mental health crisis. I was bedbound with ME/CFS and had basically no energy to speak, wash or look after myself. I had been experiencing weekly rock bottoms for a year, but had had ME for 5 years, and felt completely hopeless. 

After my first session with Laura, I instantly felt reassured and trusted her. Laura has guided me in every area of my well being- physically, mentally and spiritually. What is unique about Laura, is that she is profoundly knowledgable in all aspects of healing, tailors the work to your own experience and pace, and has been through it all herself. She is deeply compassionate and empathetic but doesn’t hold you back from the uncomfortable changes that need to take place in any healing journey. 

The feelings I have from working with Laura are so much more powerful than anything I could write.  Since working together, I am no longer bedbound and I have so much more quality of life! I am becoming more independent and putting small pieces of a life back together . I also have hope for the future because I know with her support I can get to places I was dreaming of when I was in that dark place. Working with Laura has been the greatest gift and best thing I’ve done for my recovery journey.


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