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Formal Education:


University of Connecticut, B.A. Double Major:

Individualized: International Commerce&Political Economy,

Spanish, 2012


Institute For Integrative Nutrition, Coaching Certificate, 2016

Southern Connecticut State University, Master's of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, December 2021



Reiki Level II Certification, Dr. Synthia Andrews, Spring 2012

Non Violent Communication Class, Summer 2015

IIN Live Conference, Numerous Speakers, Spring 2016, 2017

Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Professional Course, Rick Hanson Phd, Fall 2016

Lightening Process Training Participant, Amanda Ashley, Spring 2017

Beyond Pain Management: Treating the Intersection of Pain and Unresolved Emotional Experiences, Dr. Howard Schubiner M.D. St.John's Providence Hospital, May 2018

Connecticut Counseling Association Networking Event, Southern CT State University, September 2018

Cultivating a Latinx Mental Health Culture, Felician University,February 2019

Norman Doidge: Eating Disorders & Neuroplasticity Breakthroughs, New York University,March 2019

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals, CCSU, March 2019

ALGBTIC Webinar: Words Can Hurt: Staying Competent in LGBTQIAPG+ Terminology, August 2019

Progressive Workshop Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bogotá, Colombia January 2020

Working with the Pain of Abandonment, NCABM, Online January 2020-Current

Somatopia: Somatic Approaches to Trauma, Online, Summer 2020

Non Linear Movement Method ® Teacher Training Online, Spring 2022 

Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for PTSD and Complex Trauma Certification, Summer 2022

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Clinical Counseling Intern, Wildwood Behavioral Health, Madison, June 2021-December 2021- led and co-facilitated groups for the LGBTQI+ community in substance use recovery 

Clinical Counseling Intern, Shoreline Wellness Center, West Haven, Fall 2020- treated and managed case load of 6-8 clients of individuals and couples from various backgrounds and ages with a range of Mental Health Diagnoses, also worked bilingually 

Onsite Health and Lifestyle Coach, Andrews Healing Arts Clinic, 2016-2018

Outside of 1:1 Coaching: 

Independent Contractor, Elm City Wellness, New Haven, Leader of Meditation Mondays, Workshops including: nutrition, stress, vision boards and thriving with chronic illness, 2017-2018

Independent Contractor, Breathing Room Yoga, New Haven, Stress Away Workshop ,2017

Co-Workshop Host, Hall Fitness, Transform Your Life Workshop, New Haven, 2019

Office Manager, Andrews Healing Arts Clinic/Matthew Fisel ND - learning endless amounts of information from Licensed Naturopathic Physicians and acting as patient liaison, 2015-2018

Intern, Aon-Hewitt, New York, the first exposure to understanding the healthcare system, 2011

Volunteer, Merrakesh INC, Workshop on Meditation for After School At-Risk Youth Program, 2017

Volunteer, Hall Elementary School, Meditation and Visualization classroom presentation/practice 

Volunteer, JUNTA for Progressive Action, New Haven, leading monthly meetings in Spanish on topics such as stress and nutrition and "relajacíon"

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Additional Non-Formal Education

Often people ask how I know so much on these topics and outside all of the education, much of it has come from living this experience myself. I've lived the conventional medicine route, alternative, functional, nutritional, many forms of "spiritual/energy" healing, spent time shadowing in an acupuncture/PT clinic, worked in a Licensed Naturopath's office, hours and hours of discussions with professionals in the Medical Field, visits with Indigenous Shamans, practiced yoga  and meditated consistently, been through many forms of traditional/nontraditional therapy, have completed neuroplasticity programs such as DNRS and Lightening Process, mind body work, participated in a Joe Dispenza workshop, and continue my own self- development journey with a therapist and spiritual mentor. I've also done advocacy work, navigated the system, fought with insurance companies and the list continues . All have had something to offer. Additionally, I have spent hundreds of hours in personal research of: psychology/psychiatry, biology, neuroplasticity, spirituality, medicine, nutrition, culture and wellness. I also continually work on my Spanish skills including through tutoring others, receiving my own advanced tutoring and translating. I absolutely love to learn and to ask questions.

Finally, I most enjoy learning from my clients. I continue to try to stay up with current research for conditions my clients deal with and I also attend many presentations offered through the Yale School of Medicine. I try to weave in balance of all these concepts that may be relevant for my clients. I firmly believe in meeting someone where they are at on their journey.

Self Odyssey Meditation Miracle Healings - #12 Laura  Spring 2021


"The Truth of Transformation," Madison Happiness Club, Madison CT

Speaker, July 2019

Spiritual Invitation Branford TV, Branford, CT

TV Show Guest, April 2017

Madison Happiness Club, Madison, CT

Speaker, October 2016

Forgotten Plague Screening, Madison, CT

Organizer/Speaker, March 2016

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         Author Experience 

The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing- Volume 2, Co-Author, Chapter 24 "Train Your Brain and your Pain" Link for book here 

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