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Are you interested in healing, self-development and self-growth?

There are always things for us to heal no matter what stage of life we are in. It's what keeps life interesting and makes it a journey rather than a destination. There are so many tools and avenues for us to heal, grow and change. Different tools resonate at different points in our life. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Written by 25 different authors from various backgrounds and journeys

Each chapter is a different tool that you can use at home

My chapter is about using visualization as a neuroplasticity tool. I tell you not only how to use it, but all the errors I made when trying this tool many many times during my journey before reaching that "a-hah!" moment


10 minute Guided Visualization Meditation + Signed Copy of the book provided when purchasing through this page!


Special Bonus Facebook Group with Access to live trainings with many of the authors


Your price: $22.00 $17.00 (for the first 25 buyers)


Laura Furey is a certified integrative health coach with her own coaching practice, A-HAH! Coaching. She works with clients all over the world struggling with chronic illness/pain, stress, and anxiety. She has a large focus on using the power of neuroplasticity and embodiment for healing and sustainable transformation. She is currently finishing up a master’s in clinical mental health counseling to further facilitate the work with her clients as they explore the mind-body connection. Outside of coaching and studying, she lives with her best friend, a rescue dog named Miss Daisy. She is also fluent in Spanish and has a passion for the language. You can find her at and/or

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