Relationships Refreshed- Redefining Relationships 101

Join a Subscription Group full of people who are on healing and transformation journeys. Many groups start with positive intentions but as they grow, the group often gets pulled into many different and conflicting directions. In this subscription group, you will have an opportunity to be with a small and intimate group of people who are dedicated to their healing and transformation journey. Benefits include: weekly units, homework and 3 group calls with replay loaded to the group for you to watch . Here is an opportunity for accountability, community, questions&answers, healing and transformation.

Connection is one of the most vital human needs but connection and relationships are often a huge source of

stress and confusion. Our lives are comprised of relationships: colleagues, friendships, romances, and more. Learning how to navigate communication, boundaries, triggers and conflict is not easy territory. And then of course, there is the most overlooked relationship in our life which is the one most important and the foundation to everything: the relationship with ourselves. We will dive into all these themes.

Explore Relationships more in depth for the month of July. Five weekly 45 minute Group Zoom Calls, access to the Facebook group, worksheets, and community!

Can’t wait to see you there!

What members are saying....

" I was not expecting the group sessions to be so illuminating and effective. I have had so many 'AHA!' moments after hearing the take of others or their experiences. It has opened up an understanding of myself and those around me, that unsure I would have reached in another format."

-SR, current group member

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