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Classes Ongoing!

I have always been fascinated by the mind-body connection. A huge part of my journey was learning to not only connect to my body, but also learning to live in my body and be truly present.  I had no idea what that really meant before diving into somatic work with various practitioners. I actually considered doing bodywork as a career path but then found ways I could still work with the body while still following my passion for coaching and reaching people across the world.


When I discovered Non Linear Movement Method®, I knew this was the exact combination of things I was looking for in a Somatic Practice. NLMM can be done regardless of physical ability or age (Note: NLMM can even be done from your bed!). Classes will be offered over Zoom. Make sure you have a private, comfortable space and a yoga mat or something comfortable to be on.


Benefits of Non Linear Movement Method®

Re-balancing the Nervous System - a dysregulated nervous system is responsible for so many physiological and psychological symptoms!

Stress Relief

Unwinding, Unfreezing and Releasing of Trapped Stress and Trauma 

Greater Awareness of the Body and Emotions 

Increased Capacity for feelings of well-being, pleasure and aliveness

Further Self Discovery 

Getting out of Your Head!
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