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A Balanced Path

Healing isn't the "all or nothing," concept that we have made it out to be. People have healed in miraculous ways even if their health and life challenges aren't completely "gone." There are many avenues to the path of transformation. I will help guide you along your own healing journey by helping you to find inner balance. I have walked this journey myself and still walk it. This means I am here to provide unconditional support while also gently challenging you to rise above self-imposed limitations.


A-HAH ! Coaching

Using a blend of the many tools I've learned about over the years from nutrition, to neuroplasticity, to stress- resiliency, I am here to guide you on your healing and transformational journey so you can have your A-HAH! moment. In reality, there will be many of these moments during a journey of self-discovery, transformation and healing. Some will feel small and some significant. Each  is valuable. True health and happiness lies within all of us.


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